Friday, February 10, 2017

Oklahoma Property Tax Reform Plan of 2017


The only way to control government spending is to limit the amount of tax money that can be taken from its citizens.

The Governor of the State of Oklahoma should consider a State Question regarding Property Tax Reform.

All my life I have heard people say – why should I build a big house or why should I clean up my place – it will make my taxes go up.

The issue of property tax would not set well with our Founding Fathers.  You buy a house with after-tax dollars then you are taxed each year on the value.  The State Government gives tax breaks to get businesses to move to Oklahoma but the biggest best tax break should go the taxpayers and homeowners of Oklahoma.  There is a better way that is FAIR.

Eliminate the property tax and personal property tax on homeowners and raise the Sales Tax

Illegal aliens are not going to pay property tax or income tax but they will pay sales tax.

If the numbers of illegal aliens are correct then we need to change our tax system by eliminate the property tax and personal property tax on homeowners and raising the Sales Tax.

Oklahoma has 77 counties and we have over 150 different sales tax rates - this is very anti-business friendly.

Sales tax should be collected on SERVICES at the SAME RATE as PRODUCTS.  The Butcher and the Candle-maker collect sales tax so should the Barber ie labor.  Yes the State should collect sales tax on labor.

Besides the people of Oklahoma will no longer be paying personal income tax or property tax.  Especially need sales tax on food so everyone gets to pay some tax. 

State government would have to guarantee the schools and city governments and county governments their current dollar amount per year. 

The State should consider a Sinking Fund Plan up to fifty basis points (one-half of 1% thus giving the State 2.5% for operating expenses).

Statewide sales tax of Ten Percent (10%) Maximum.  Keep the program simple, 10% was good enough for GOD, 10% should be good enough for the government.
Allocate the Sales Tax as follows:
That 1% sales tax be earmarked towards EDUCATION;
That 1% sales tax be earmarked towards ROADS;
That 2% sales tax be earmarked to County Governments;
That 3% sales tax be earmarked to City Governments;
That 3% sales tax be earmarked to State Government;
That is a total of 10% MAXIMUM Statewide Sales Tax

The State should charge the five (5%) wholesale sales tax or value added tax on products that is made here to be sold out of State of Oklahoma.  This includes oil and gas, food products, etc.

Put Government on commission.

With this type of tax system, if the Schools, City, County, State Governments wants more money to spend, they must encourage Oklahoma businesses to open branch offices in their county and out-of-state businesses to expand in Oklahoma.

This needs to be voted on by the people as part of the Constitution to lock in the rate so our citizens and businesses can plan for the future.

This would get the State Government out of micro-managing the daily life of the taxpayers.  It is called FREEDOM!
An advantage given by the government to one person means an unfair dis-advantage to all other Americans. Our Founding Fathers believed that small government and less taxes means more freedom. 



March 2017
Bob Moore
Norman, OK  73072

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